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Buckeyes ranked 3rd in Presitge by ESPN

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The Ohio State Buckeye Football Program is ranked #3 in all time Prestige by ESPN.  All time is a tad misleading because the scoring was in the range of 1936-2008.  This is still impressive considering that there are 119 football programs and the Buckeyes have received a bad rap for their recent big game performance.  Go Buckeyes! Also, congrats to the Sooner nation.  Oklahoma is at the top of the polls despite their recent stumbles.  It is nice to see that prestige is not only judged upon the success of recent years.

The following is from ESPN.COM:

1. Oklahoma Sooners
Total points: 1,968

2. USC Trojans
Total points: 1,897

3. Ohio State Buckeyes
Total points: 1,655
Positives: Dripping with football tradition, Ohio State has been a fixture in the Prestige Rankings for the past half-century. In 1968-69, the Buckeyes racked up 190 points alone. As a point of reference, that’s more than the highly successful Boise State program has earned in the last decade combined. OSU is the No. 5 program in the 1970s, and it could have been much higher had it not been for its “Ten-Year War” with Michigan during that time. Even for all the flack that John Cooper received for his 2-10-1 record against Michigan, he is responsible for a boatload of NFL 1st-round draft picks. The recent knock on OSU has been its failure to win the big bowl games, but that hasn’t stopped them from finishing in the top 5 in all but two of the last seven seasons. Plus, the five-time national champions should like their spot in the Prestige Rankings ahead of their longtime rival to the north.
Negatives: The Buckeyes would have been a threat for the top spot in our rankings if not for the lack of dominating seasons in the ’80s after Woody Hayes was fired. And if they had been able to knock off Florida and LSU in the two recent BCS National Championship Games, the Buckeyes would have really been nipping at USC’s heels for the BCS-era crown.
Through the decades: Through 1958: 5th | 1968: 6th | 1978: 6th | 1988: 6th | 1998: 6th
Did you know? Ohio State has just five losing seasons since 1936 (and just two since 1960). That’s the fewest among any program that’s been around that long.

4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Total points: 1,579

5. Nebraska Cornhuskers
Total points: 1,553

6. Alabama Crimson Tide
Total points: 1,534

7. Texas Longhorns
Total points: 1,494

8. Michigan Wolverines <—-HAHA not even in the top 5 😉
Total points: 1,332

9. Florida State Seminoles
Total points: 1,110

10. Miami Hurricanes
Total points: 1,109

The Scoring System (Source):

National title: 25 points
The full 25 points were awarded to any team that won one of the two major poll titles (AP, UPI or coaches) that season. No season had more than two title winners.

Berth in one of the major bowls: 10
Major bowls were defined as every Rose, Orange and Sugar bowl since ’36; every Cotton Bowl from 1940 to ’94 (i.e., from when it started taking the SWC champ until the Cotton was booted from the Bowl Alliance); and every Fiesta Bowl since the ’86 season when the historic No. 1 Miami-vs.-No. 2 Penn State game changed the landscape of college football.

Major bowl win: 10

Best win/loss record in conference regular season: 10
These points were awarded to every team that had at least a share of the best overall record in a major football conference, regardless of divisional alignment. Independent schools were awarded the bonus if they were ranked ahead of at least three of the big six conference champions in a final regular-season poll that season.

Final AP top-5 finish: 10
All final poll points were awarded for the final poll put out by the AP that season.

Heisman winner: 8

Final AP top 6-10 finish: 6

Conference title championship-game bonus: 5
This bonus was given to a school only if it hadn’t already gotten credit for having the best record in its conference’s regular season.

Final AP top 11-25 finish: 4

Bowl appearance: 3
This was awarded for any NCAA-sanctioned bowl, and would be added to the previously mentioned major bowl points.

Bowl win: 3
10-win season: 2
Week as AP No. 1: 2
Win over AP No. 1: 1
Each consensus All-American: 1
First-round NFL draft pick (since ’70): 1
Losing season: minus-2

There were lots of variables for when a school was handed penalties by the NCAA for infractions. Those penalties were graded as such:
Each year of television ban: minus-1
Each year of postseason ban: minus-2
Each year of overall probation: minus-1
Each year of financial-aid penalty: minus-1
Each year of recruiting penalties: minus-1
Each penalty of “show cause action:” minus-2

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