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Awhile back on Facebook I was called a….

by on Aug.07, 2014, under Politics, Random

racist. It was during a brief interaction with Dr. Mike S. Adams. Yes, the same guy from the conservative website Townhall and UNC-Wilmington. We have a common facebook friend…Christian apologist, author, and motivational speaker Dr. Frank Turek. Anyway, I dug to this old screenshot up while looking through some of my old mail.

Way back 2012 iirc, during the election cycle, I replied to a political post on Frank’s page and we had this nice little exchange:

Mike S Adams facebook

Turns out I’m a racist even though I never gave any impression that my defense of Obama is due to both of us being black. The beauty in this is that he calls me a racist…..but all the while he is using a very ugly and unfair stereotype. Not surprising considering it was a Facebook discussion on the internet….you know where everyone is so nice to each other 😉

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