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Awhile back on Facebook I was called a….

by on Aug.07, 2014, under Politics, Random

racist. It was during a brief interaction with Dr. Mike S. Adams. Yes, the same guy from the conservative website Townhall and UNC-Wilmington. We have a common facebook friend…Christian apologist, author, and motivational speaker Dr. Frank Turek. Anyway, I dug to this old screenshot up while looking through some of my old mail.

Way back 2012 iirc, during the election cycle, I replied to a political post on Frank’s page and we had this nice little exchange:

Mike S Adams facebook

Turns out I’m a racist even though I never gave any impression that my defense of Obama is due to both of us being black. The beauty in this is that he calls me a racist…..but all the while he is using a very ugly and unfair stereotype. Not surprising considering it was a Facebook discussion on the internet….you know where everyone is so nice to each other 😉

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An apology to Alan Turing

by on Aug.18, 2009, under Famous People, General, Random

*It appears the petition may have worked*


Alan Turing is considered to be the father of modern computer science.  Turing is also partly responsible for designing the “bombe,” a machine used to crack the German Enigma machine yielding invaluable German military Intelligence to the Allied forces.

Unfortunately, instead of being revered by his government for his services rendered, he was criminally prosecuted for being a homosexual because homosexuality was illegal in Great Britain in 1952.  Having seen the end of his career and having undergone the subsequent drug treatment administered by the government to cure his homosexuality, he committed suicide via a cyanide induced apple.

Since then, the scientific community has embraced his achievements and ignored his lifestyle decision (as they should).  With great pleasure, I have stumbled upon an online petition urging the British PM to apologize to Alan Turing.  It is shame that only British citizens can sign it.  This petition can be found:


For more information about Alan Turing:


Lastly, what would this be without a plug for gay rights in today’s society:


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Website worth estimation

by on Aug.17, 2009, under General, Random, WebTechs

Something that I stumbled on awhile back.


It is no surprise that the most popular pages are adult websites.

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by on May.15, 2009, under General, Operating Systems, OS X, Random, Technology, WebTechs, Windows

I have been using this service for awhile now and I just thought I would formally recommend it.  OpenDNS is usually a faster alternative to the default DNS provided by your ISP.  It protects against phising automatically and can be adjusted to automatically block adult material aka porn.  AND you can travel with your settings by creating an account.

Click here

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Beware FileVault

by on Nov.12, 2008, under General, OS X, Random

I use a Macbook that I purchased last year.  It has OS X 10.4.5, or Tiger, installed.  It’s a pretty good machine.  So I decided to upgrade to 10.5.4, or Leopard.  Yea, it has been about a year and yea, 10.6 is coming next year, but that’s beside the point.

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Blogging Addiction

by on Jul.03, 2008, under General, Random, WordPress

47%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Created by OnePlusYou

Hmm, I guess that’s okay…

But I don’t see myself as a “blogger” LOL!  In fact, I don’t even like the word 🙂

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Adding Icons to Web Browsers

by on Jun.28, 2008, under General, Random, Technology, WebTechs, WordPress

Finally decided to find this one out. A good number of websites have little pictures next to their url in the address bar. For instance, Apple has a platinum Apple and CNN has the CNN logo.  I finally decided to use MSN, MSN also has a cool webicon, to learn how to put one on my website.

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