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Learning Python , C++ , and Data Structures

by on Jan.31, 2009, under Books, C/C++, General, Python

Back in undergrad, the majority of our classes taught us sound software engineering principles using Python, C++, and sometimes Java.  The first two were used quite extensively.  The resource I used was invaluable to my success in mastering data structures, learning OOP, and granting me proper exposure to Python and C++.  Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python and C++ is a great resource and I wanted to share it here.  I believe it is great for beginners of both Python and C++ and those entering a data structures course.  Click HERE to order a copy.

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Modular exponentiation and RSA

by on Jun.25, 2008, under C/C++, Math, Programming

Here is something that is pretty well documented, but I would like to take another look at it because it is so useful.  I ran across a little problem during my RSA project. Implementing the RSA equation is pretty simple… except for taking large numbers to a large power. Sure generating large prime values for p&q is somewhat easy, but without some level of care they can slow down any implementation. Thanks to my professors, Dr. Reed and Dr. Mertens, for introducing me to the powermod method, or what is commonly referred to as Modular Exponentiation.

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