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diff two commands

by on Jan.17, 2011, under Programming, scripting

Ran across this problem with a friend today. How does one diff the output of two commands without first dumping the output of the two commands to files? I found a solution that seems to work:

diff <(command1) <(command 2)

Suppose we wanted to diff the contents of two directories:

diff <(ls directory1) <(ls directory2)
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iTunes Scripting with Python

by on Aug.29, 2008, under appscript, iTunes, Programming, Python, scripting

I ran across scripting for the Mac OSX awhile ago. I finally decided to take a look at it when I decided to play around with Adium’s open source code. The most dominant prescene I observed was Applescript. Applescript is nice and all, but Python is nicer. Scripting OSX applications with Python has been around for a bit. Using the easy to install appscript, scripting can be leveraged by the power of Python and Ruby.

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