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Awhile back on Facebook I was called a….

by on Aug.07, 2014, under Politics, Random

racist. It was during a brief interaction with Dr. Mike S. Adams. Yes, the same guy from the conservative website Townhall and UNC-Wilmington. We have a common facebook friend…Christian apologist, author, and motivational speaker Dr. Frank Turek. Anyway, I dug to this old screenshot up while looking through some of my old mail.

Way back 2012 iirc, during the election cycle, I replied to a political post on Frank’s page and we had this nice little exchange:

Mike S Adams facebook

Turns out I’m a racist even though I never gave any impression that my defense of Obama is due to both of us being black. The beauty in this is that he calls me a racist…..but all the while he is using a very ugly and unfair stereotype. Not surprising considering it was a Facebook discussion on the internet….you know where everyone is so nice to each other 😉

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by on Oct.20, 2011, under General

We must gather up a fighting force. We need programmers and organizers and lawyers and leaders. We need this movement to be in all 50 states. So, first we are doing a call for generals in this army. Please write into us and tell us what your expertise is and how you can help.

Our Congress is completely infected with the virus. So proposing an amendment through Congress seems hopeless. But luckily there is another way. We can do this purely at the state level. The states can call for a constitutional convention and they can ratify an amendment that comes out of one. And there is nothing our corrupt federal government can do about it.

We are hoping that the first wave of volunteers help us organize at the state level. Let’s go occupy the states!

Click here to learn more about the Wolf-PAC

Cenk forms the Wolf-Pac:

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