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Modular exponentiation and RSA

by on Jun.25, 2008, under C/C++, Math, Programming

Here is something that is pretty well documented, but I would like to take another look at it because it is so useful.  I ran across a little problem during my RSA project. Implementing the RSA equation is pretty simple… except for taking large numbers to a large power. Sure generating large prime values for p&q is somewhat easy, but without some level of care they can slow down any implementation. Thanks to my professors, Dr. Reed and Dr. Mertens, for introducing me to the powermod method, or what is commonly referred to as Modular Exponentiation.

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FTP fun with Ruby

by on Jun.15, 2008, under FTP, Programming, Ruby

WordPress is pretty cool, save the editor. One of the coolest features is being able to switch the look and feel of my website without doing much extra work.

To do this, I just search Google for WordPress themes and about a dozen websites pop up with hundreds of themes. Cool. I download a couple of them, all free, and look for the easiest way to deploy them. However, the only way to do that, is to upload all of the files onto my web server via FTP.

No problem, FTP has multiple file commands… that don’t exactly work with directories 🙁 The simple solution is to find an FTP client for MacOS X and resort to a drag and drop method. Of course there exist some programs out there for free like Cyberduck, or Filezilla (but I use OS 10.4 so FileZilla is out), but since it’s the summer time, I decided to make my own. To be honest, I didn’t actually look for an FTP program before making my own lol! I fired up Ruby for a little fun.

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